Dauphin Rental Housing List

Rental Housing List 2016
Name of BlockAddressPhone No.Website/Other Contact
Anicinabe Housing217 Main Street S.(204) 638-8927 
Bonavista Garden Homes101-171 Barker Street(204) 638-4511 
Breslaw Apartments14/18/22 – 7th Avenue NE         123/133 – 2nd Avenue NW(204) 638-4461 
Clayton TherienMultiple Duplexes(204) 638-5892 
Edgar Block215 Main Street N.(204) 647-5200 
Citadel Suites3 Brown Avenue E.(204) 572-6324 
Hawthorne Place17/25 Hawthorne E.(204) 622-7057 
Home Base Management Services10th Avenue SE(204) 647-0238 
La Plaza Apartments5 MacLeod Avenue E.(204) 648-4392 
Manitoba Housing27 – 2nd Avenue SW(204) 622-2092 
Parkland Apartments11 Davidson Avenue E.(204) 638-4159 
Parkland Crossing220 Whitmore Avenue E.(204) 638-3333 
Parkview Lodge (Highrise)29 – 2nd Avenue NE(204) 622-2092 
Queen’s Apartments1109 Main Street S.(204) 638-5689 
Royal Apartments5 Forrest Avenue E.(204) 648-4392 
Wilisco Properties430 Railway Avenue                   Whitmore Avenue W.(204) 648-6193www.wiliscoproperties.com
Harlow Apartments508 – 3rd Street SW(204) 638-3245 
Crescent Manor311 Kirby Avenue W.(204) 638-2933 
Executive Style Fully Furnished 2 bedroom apartment for rent.Call or Email for application(204) 648-3725 or (204) 572-6222ssinc2003@yahoo.ca
RE/MAX of DauphinVarious Locations/1022 Main St.S.(204) 622-7770 
1 Bedroom Basement Suite32 Earl Avenue(204) 572-5282Call for more details
Mobile Home Parks
McGimpsey Trailer Court (204) 548-2257 
Triangle Trailer Court (204) 638-3841 
Single Family Housing/Suites
Hawthorne Place17/25 Hawthorne Avenue(204) 622-7057 
Harlow RentalsVarious Locations(204) 638-3245 
Neill PropertiesVarious Locations(204) 638-2933 
Clayton TherienMultiple Single Family(204) 638-5892 
Seniors Housing
Ferndale Apartments17 – 6th Avenue NW(204) 638-7143 
Happy Haven116 Whitmore Avenue W.(204) 622-2092 
Heritage Hallow1025 Jackson Street  
Kinsmen Villa38 – 6th Avenue NW(204) 638-5143 
Lorray Manor (Assisted Living)405 – 6th Avenue SE(204) 648-5141(204) 638-4842
Maple Grove Apartments115 – 2nd Avenue NE(204) 648-7218 
Mountain View Villa375 Whitmore Avenue E.(204) 638-5143 
St. George’s Place100 Cruise Cres.(204) 638-5198 
Shannon Apartments234 Merrell Avenue(204) 638-5894 
Spruce Manor14 – 6th Avenue NW(204) 638-5143 
Ventura Apartments222 Merrell Avenue(204) 638-5894 
Vermillion East201 Hawthorne Avenue(204) 648-7218