Housing First Landlord Support Program

Housing First is a practical solution to end homelessness that provides permanent housing, the supports people need to succeed and assists participating landlords!

Housing First is universally recognized as the most effective way to reduce homelessness and has been instrumental in helping people and communities move forward.

It is about having a place to live, and receiving the supports to live there well.

Housing First is different than other housing strategies because for the first time, landlords are recognized as the most important partner in our fight to end homelessness.

Landlord Support Program Benefits

Landlords are sometimes asked to rent to difficult clients out of the goodness of their hearts. This can lead to uncovered damages, unpaid rent, and burned bridges between landlords, clients, and potentially housing workers.

Housing First recognizes that rental units are a dollars and cents business. Landlords and management companies are in the business of reducing risk and maximizing return on investment.

What Housing First Does

Be part of building a better community, and benefit from Housing First’s program helps.

Housing First creates an individual support team for EACH participant. These support teams offer unparalleled care and help for each individual, which to a landlord means you will have excellent support for any tenants in your building(s).

Damage Repairs

Housing First has provisions for damages and repairs to add peace of mind to participating landlords.

Hotline Phone Number

Landlords have access to support “hotlines” and dedicated point persons responsive to their concerns and needs.

Comprehensive Support

enants are provided individualized case management, including tenant education, budgeting, household management, and crisis intervention.

On-Site Visits

Services are often provided on-site through regular home visits.

Supported Move Ins and Outs

Any moves are planned. Move-ins are supported, and move-outs are preset, instead of evictions which can be very expensive for landlords and tenants alike.